Civil War
Cabinet Card-Naval Vivandiere
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I purchased two of these images by Moberg in Brooklyn N Y as I was so curious as to the subject's outfit. The other sold. The image is very light, though clear.  The background is murky raising the possibility that the image was reproduced from an earlier photograph since the Vivandieres were active during the Civil War.  This woman appears to be in her 40's so it is possible that photograph was made in the 1880's to document or re-enact her role in the war.  I have been able to find images on the web that duplicate the canteen on a strap, the uniform with an apron and an exact description of the hat that she is wearing.  Note the naval insignia on her plumed hat.  There are few images of Vivandieres on the web and I was unable to find a Naval one.

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Cabinet Card-Edwin Booth
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Brother of John Wilkes Booth who was considered one of the greatest actors of his time.  See scan to view the dingy appearance  

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CDV-John Wilkes Booth
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Handsome, uncommon image of Booth. The top border has been trimmed

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