Do you have a store or sell from your home?  No I do not have a store which means that I might be away from home when you e-mail me. Most of the time I'm sitting right at the computer and will respond quickly however I turn off my computer at 9:00 PM EST.

Do you discount items on your site for dealers, regular customers, or people buying several items?
No.  My prices are fixed.  I don't want anyone wondering if I discount for some and not for others. In most cases, my markups are quite conservative and in some cases less than I paid for the item.   However, I reserve the right to make a nice profit on things that I was lucky enough to buy at a good price or on rare items. I am also not interested in offers such as "I will pay" . I prefer to do my own pricing as the potential customer has no idea what I have paid for an item. 
Why don't you discount items on your site?
I do discount most items before putting them on my site. Exceptions would be when I list an item for what I paid for it or less than I paid for it.  Even with auction worthy items, I try to price under what an item has gone for in an auction. 
Why do you not list your phone number?
In the past people some people call to try to negotiate a better price.  I don't find anyone that charming or persuasive.  I also don't accept phone orders as there is too much room for error on my part for mixing up item numbers.  I am happy to accept e-mail orders as long as you give the item number.  However, if I am away from my computer I cannot remove an item from sale which prevents others from placing an order for that item through my site.  Also please be aware that the ordering process generates an invoice and e-mailers will not receive an invoice.
Do you sell on eBay?
I sell on eBay very rarely and then only occasionally to try to draw new customers to my site.  eBay has made that difficult however.  I take pride in the fact that many of my customers have made a lot of money on things purchased from my site.
What's with your website name?
Although I live in Georgia now, I lived in Tennessee for most of my life, hence Tenn.  Reb is a nod to my Confederate Grandfathers, and Girl, Well I don't qualify for that any longer but TennRebOldWoman just doesn't have the same ring.  I also sold on eBay for many years under the handle TnRebGirl.
What is your return policy?
I accept returns when my description or scan appearance doesn't match the item received.  I don't think it's fair that people want to return an item when they did not pay enough attention to the scan or the description.  If I sell any item that is proven not to be authentic, I will happily make a full refund and pay for the return shipping as well.

Do you accept orders from foreign countries?

I no longer accept orders outside of the US.  Exceptions may be made for items of low value which can be mailed first class.

Do you accept payment plans?

Yes, with the following stipulations:

The customer determines their own payment plan which can be flexible.  My only requirement is that some payment be made every month.  If that is impossible, I need some communication from the potential buyer explaining why they can not make any payment.  Items will not be shown sale pending until the first payment is made.  No exceptions.  Paypal cannot be used with payment plans, only checks or money orders. 

Customers who change their mind after committing to a payment plan will be charged $25.  This will be deducted from the funds that have been sent, the rest being returned to the customer.  Customers should be aware that removing an item from the site potentially causes a loss of sale for me and even if the item is restored, it may be tainted in other peopleís eyes as an item that has been returned for some reason.  Payment plans are a contract and it is not acceptable to discontinue it if you find the item at a better price. 

The reading of these policies is required and I need an e-mail acknowledging the customerís understanding and acceptance of this agreement.   
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