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Gambler Set-Pistol-Gaming Marker-More
Item #: NEW-0016633

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This is an assembled set of items for the gambling man. Some of the items are not original to the set, I'm sure but other things fit perfectly.  The wooden case measures 13 by 17 inches.  Wear to the top with some gauges, scratches, deep and small.  Original key and lined with felt.  No markings on the box.  Contents include a "Quality American Snuff "tube, mini balls, dies, bone and celluloid.  These can be seen in the scan showing the whole box.  The pistol  is marked Bacon Co, Norwich Conn and cast steel.  Attempts were made in the past to clean it.  I tried to cock it but couldn't but someone else might be able to. One side of the grip has a pinkish stain and the other side does not. The place marker is Ivory as well as two of the chips.  The cigar holder is meerschaum with a silver decoration and the cigar holder comes with its leather case. There is also a tie pin which may be gold.  

Paypal will not be accepted on this item as I have listed at the price I paid for it and I was informed by a gambling set collector that this set is well worth it.  Excessive postage will be refunded.        

Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
Price: $2,500.00 USD
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Decorative Postcard Holder-Sunbonnet Twins
Item #: NEW-0015958

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This has got to be a rare item.  It measures 6 and 3/4 inches tall and 8 and 1/2 inches wide.  It is made of a sturdy cardboard, lined with felt.  The center piece is a Sunbonnet Twins postcard.  It and the front top and middle area is covered with celluloid or some other kind of protective film. The stand does not have the celluloid which explains why it is faded and worn in places.  I have used it to keep my most precious cards.  It would be an added bonus if you are a collector of the Sunbonnet Twins.  

Shipping Weight: 3.2 lbs
Price: $365.50 USD
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