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Lot-Southern Railroad Tickets
Item #: NEW-0017022

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Six railroad passes from the 1920's.  Here are the railroad passes: 1. Georgia Northern Railway Company, 1929. 2. Southern Railway Company, 1929. 3. The Nashville, Chattanooga and St Louis Railway, 1929. 4.  The Pullman Company, 1927, 5. Georgia Southwestern & Gulf RR, 1929, and 6..Atlanta, Birmingham and Coast Railroad Company, 1928.

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Price: $17.50 USD
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Florida-Georgia Railroad Passes-Tickets
Item #: NEW-0017021

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This lot has eight RR passes, all in the 1920's.  1.  Georgia & Florida Railway-1925 2.Georgia & Florida Railroad, 1928, 3.Florida East Coast Railway, 1927, 4. Florida East Coast Railway, 1924, 5.Another Florida East Coast Ry-1922-6. Georgia, Florida & Alabama Railway, 1922, 7.Georgia Southern & Florida, 1924, and 8. Hawkinsville & Florida Southern Railway Co, dated 1920, some duplicates available.

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Price: $20.50 USD
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American Protective League Secret Service Badge
Item #: NEW-0017015

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This metal badge measures two and a half inches long and 1 3/4 inches wide.  This is a scarce interesting badge that was issued during WWI. 

The American Protective League was a group of volunteers who sought out anti-american activity in their neighbors, coworkers, and even family members, and reported them. It was headed up by a man named Albert Briggs, who was a Chicago advertising expert.He contributed a lot to the members, including payments, and cars so they could more easily watch the suspicious activity. The group was under the supervision of the FBI and was huge by the end of WWI, with eighty to one hundred thousand members .  Many innocents were swooped up.  This is a part of American history that one would want to disappear. There is more information on this group at the following link:

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Price: $227.50 USD
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