Welcome to my web site with thousands of items in a variety of categories.  I add new listings every week, including many rare items which can usually only be obtained through auctions.  I rarely sell on eBay, usually consignment items only.

Some may find some of the items on my site offensive. I make no apologies for that as I have strong feelings about the preservation of historical artifacts. There are many people who would like to pretend that certain events in our history never occurred. These artifacts are a cautionary reminder of the darker periods and events in history.

I will be set up at the Tennessee Civil War Show in Franklin, Tn on December 5 & 6.  Hope to see some of you at one of the largest Civil War shows in the country.

Wanted for my collection:  Illustrated Confederate Sheet Music

Reminder:  I refund excessive postage over a dollar. 

Note:  All prices on my website are firm. Unlike most dealers I do not build in an amount just so I can discount it.  This policy applies to friends, fellow dealers and people who have met me at shows. Please do not e-mail asking if I can do better as I'm old and cranky and it just makes me mad  and you will get mad when I say no.

Peggy A Dillard
P.O. Box 2304                             Note:  All checks should be made out to Peggy Dillard
Macon, GA 31203-2304
Email: peggy.dillard@gmail.com
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Teddy Roosevelt-Booker T Washington Equality Celluloid


thanks for looking at my stuff

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