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WII Collar Disks Lot
Item #: NEW-0017163

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I have taken these on consignment and have spent a great deal of time of trying to assess the value.  This proved to be very difficult so I really don't know the value.  I do believe that they are from WW2 as everything in this consignment was WWI and WWII.  I believe due to the construction of the backs that there are from World War 2.  One of items, which I have marked rare on the paper is on WorthPoint, an organization that values items and keeps it a secret if you don't subscribe to it.  I'm assuming that the value is high enough to warrant its inclusion. The first disk shown is definitely from WWII but the others were harder to label.  I believe the second one is artillery company E, the third Indiana 150 Regiment, the bottom is Illinois 108 Regiment (the one on WorthPoint), next is Illinois 130 Regiment and finally Illinois 132 Regiment.

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Price: $67.50 USD
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Bracelet-WWII USS Alabama
Item #: NEW-0017161

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This interesting item came in a lot of WWII items. I am speculating that words U S S Alabama were painted on by a sailor. Although the bracelet is gold in color, it is clearly not real gold. I believe it was a project of some bored sailor but I think it is neat. It reads U.S.S Alabama although those words may not show in the scan.

Shipping Weight: 0.13 lb
Price: $27.50 USD
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Home Front WWII Cigarette Lighter
Item #: NEW-0017062

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I think this is a rare item. It is two and a half inches long.  It came with a lot of other WII home front items. Worn as can be seen in the scan. Light rust on the ends.  What you can't see in the scan is the letter V on both ends.

Shipping Weight: 0.13 lb
Price: $22.50 USD
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