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Dark Tintype-Alexander Stephens
Item #: NEW-0017335

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This is dark tintype of Alexander Stephens, Vice President of the Confederate States. It is encased in a damaged oval thermoplastic case. Numerous cracks that have been glued back together.  There is, however, some damage to the rim, which causes it not screw on.  The white circle is actually pearl.

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The War Outside My Window-Macon Ga Civil War Diary
Item #: NEW-0017324

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The War Outside My Window: The Civil War Diary of LeRoy Wiley Gresham, 1860-1865, first edition.  Edited by Janet Elizabeth Croon. 441 pages and as new.

LeRoy Gresham was born in 1847 to an affluent and prominent slave holding family in Macon, Georgia. As a young child he suffered a horrific leg and back injury that left him an invalid. Educated, inquisitive, perceptive, and exceptionally witty, the 12-year-old began keeping a journal in 1860ójust before secession and Civil War tore the country and his world apart. He continued to write even as his health deteriorated and died in 1865. Prominent Macon figures are woven in and out of the diary.  440 pages.

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UCV Reunion Ribbon Lot-Tn Centennial Exposition-1897
Item #: NEW-0016195

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This lot of eight ribbons was found together in a family estate.  The United Confederate Veterans held their national convention in Nashville in conjunction with the Tennessee Centennial Exposition.  The colorful ribbons are not rare but it is usual to find in good condition.  There is a darkish area in the mid left hand area which I think is just smut.  The Frank Cheatham Bivouac is the rarest ribbon in this grouping. I have never seen another First Tennessee Lawn Fete.  Bless the one who saved all of these ribbons.  The Tennessee Centennial Exposition brochure was with the grouping and it is an uncommon item. The duplicate ribbon is the Army Comfort Circle.

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Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Price: $1,000.00 USD
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