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Soldiering in the Army of Tennessee-Daniel
Item #: NEW-0017209

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Excellent condition on the book by Larry J Daniel. 1991.

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Cities Under the Gun-James A Hoobler
Item #: NEW-0017197

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This is a first edition (1986) and signed by the author James Hoobler.  It is filled with the images by George N. Barnard & others of occupied Nashville and Chattanooga. Good condition despite me referring to it all the time over the years.   

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Southern Rights-Jefferson Davis Paper Item
Item #: NEW-0014271

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This broadside measures 8 by 6+ inches and is from the Civil War period.  Some condition problems including a tack hole on  left side, some staining and someone has partially tried to copy Jefferson's name under his name.  The graphics were created by a stamp.  It was taken from an album as can be seen by the back. Likely this was made to hang in Southern homes.    

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Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Price: $625.00 USD
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