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Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, 1861-1865, Volumes 1-6
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This is a mismatched set compiled by Lillian Henderson.  Some books are worn and a couple are newer.  The important thing is that the set is complete and if you are tired on getting on line for look ups this set is for you. Excessive postage paid will be refunded.

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Seven Pines-Inscribed Stick From Battlefield
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This stick was purchased by me from a dealer who had sold me three Confederate images from a family member in Lithonia Georgia.  He found this stick and spent time cleaning it to find the ink writing which he deciphered to read "cut in the center of 7 pines battlefield where 1500 soldiers were killed May 31, 186- that fought by Lee & McClellan and field officer J E Lyne"  I can agree with some of the translation but not all. My research can not find a likely person by that name.   Better eyes and research may be able to do better.

The woman who sold the images was a direct descendant of only one of the soldiers, who was Elijah Lazarus Anderson.  She also had a powder flask belonging to him so I am guessing that this also belonged to him.  All three images have been sold. 

Note: I am relisting this item as someone has provided me information about the stick. 


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3rd Ga-Jenkins Holmes Engraved Flask
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This flask was engraved post war with an engraving of a drum and C S on one side and the inscription "Capt J M Holmes Co "A" Third Georgia".  I did find a Jenkins M Holmes, a private of the Burke Guards who was wounded at Malvern Hill and was discharged shortly after but because he was not listed as a Captain I was not sure if it was the same one.  (see last paragraph)

The leather is cracked and worn and the metal is pewter. This item was removed  a year or so ago as I was informed by a potential customer who had consulted with a dealer who told him it was a fantasy item.  This person had only seen it on line but since he is a recognized dealer, I removed it.  I tried scraping off the drum on one side as I had hoped to get some of my money out of it as an original CW flask.  I quickly realized that I would not be able to remove the engravings.  Fortunately, I did begin on the other side.  Since that time, I showed it to a postcard dealer who had been a jeweler for many years.  He said the engraving was very old.  Some months later I took it to a Civil War show and showed it to someone who has an outstanding reputation as a antique appraiser and he said it was old as well and the scrip was Civil War era.  

I am relisting this as I finally was able to find more information on J M Holmes in Vol. 9 of the Confederate Veteran.  J M  Holmes was the son of a wealthy planter in South Carolina.  He had two brothers  who also died in the war.  Holmes served throughout the war but was wounded at the Battle of Malvern Hill and was unable to return to action.  He died in 1901 at Darien Ga.  

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