Canes in the United States-Catherine Dike
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This is a great reference for the cane collector as it covers all categories.  It is hard cover, ISBN 0964224909.Publisher: Cane Curiosa Press, 1994
LAdue, MO: Cane Curiosa Press, 1994. First edition. Quarto. 397 pp; profuse b/w & color photographs; index. Gilt-lettered cloth with dustjacket. Minor wear, clean, unmarked  Will be shipped book rate for a savings and excessive postage paid will be refunded.

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Sword Cane-Home Made-Nashville Tennessee Estate
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This cane was given to me by my ninety year old friend and neighbor.  It belonged to her father who was a prominent attorney in Nashville.  From what I have read about lawyers in his time period a weapon was needed.  There was a famous murder of one lawyer by the opposing lawyer during a case.  Both were from early Nashville families.    

Please view the scans.  Note that the tip is missing and the decoration on the blade is spotty.  The blade is very difficult to pull out as the wood has expanded over the years.  There is a chip out of the wood where the cane is inserted.  The cane is thirty four and a half inches. I believe the metal around the handle is silver but not sure about that.

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Ladies Gun Cane
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I paid retail for this rare cane some years ago but since I am selling my cane collection I am pricing it for what I paid for it.  This cane was made in St. Ettienne France..  When you remove the tip you find the tool used to cock the trigger. The dealer suggested that I use another tool to avoid breaking the mechanism.  See scan.  The short end is used to cock the trigger and the longer one is used to remove the spent cartridge. The tip of the cane is removed to shoot and you pull the mechanism up to release the trigger.  This, of course should never be fired and it is hard to imagine a woman or for that matter a man, to ever be successful when faced with immediate danger. The dealer demonstrated to me that the mechanism worked but I must admit that I was unable to reproduce it.  The cane handle is brass.  The cane measures 32 inches tall.  I will send the extra tool with the cane. Paypal will not be accepted for this item though payment plans are available.  

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Gadget Cane-Stanhope-Victorian Nude
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. I can't find this cane listed in any cane book. The gadget cane seems to have some of its parts missing. I know the cork top to the little glass is missing as it dissolved. I still have the tip the cork was attached to so perhaps a top could be fashioned. The glass part is still there. One of the tips may have been for a pencil. When fitted together, the cane is somewhat wobbly. The most unique feature of the cane is a stanhope in the cap. The only damage to the stanhope of a full frontal nude lady is a thin white line which extends downward and across the body part I won't mention. Please check priority shipping on this item.

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